Case Study: URAC

Case Study: URAC eCase provided an end-to-end system to manage the full accreditation process. The eCase Portal provided greater collaboration between requesting organizations and URAC case workers, allowed for centralization of evidence throughout the process, and established an online gateway for two-way collaboration. Requesters simply fill out their request online for

Case Study: Department of Interior (DOI), Office of Inspector General (OIG)

Case Study: Department of Interior (DOI), Office of Inspector General (OIG) With eCase, DOI OIG was able to accelerate digital transformation across the agency. A modern approach, this solution optimized staff performance, increased output, and consolidated disparate systems into one streamlined, enterprise-wide case management platform.  

FOIAXpress SaaS

Process FOIA requests with a FedRAMP-compliant Software-as-a-Service provider. Improve the simplicity of FOIA operations and rest assured that your solution is hosted in the AINS secure facility. Download Brochure


FOIAXpress® is the industry’s leading software for case based processing of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) requests. FOIAXpress transforms traditional FOIA compliance into an automated and efficient electronic process.

eCase SaaS Cost Benefit Analysis

Dive deep into how the cloud-based SaaS platform keeps your data secure 24/7/365 and provides clear return on investment. White paper includes sample pricing to help you plan your budget.

eCase Platform

Configure, don’t code. eCase is an adaptive case management solution that empowers organizations to automate their core processes.  With modular applications that stand alone or work together, eCase provides a powerful engine with a user-friendly interface  to organize and accellerate day-to-day task from Human Resources to Incident Management.

eCase Investigations: For Inspector Generals

“When your business is to protect the people, you need a case management system that can handle the full lifecylce on investigations.  eCase Investigations automates, tracks, and reports on the complete IG investigations process, improving efficiency, providing real-time  transparency, and speeding report generation.”

eCase Investigations

eCase Investigations empowers agencies to gain control over the investigation process from hotline to case closed. eCase Investigations speeds the process, ensures compliance and lowers cost.