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5 Ways Submitting a FOIA Request is Like Halloween

  Happy Halloween! Tackling a FOIA request may seem daunting, but don’t let that haunt your thoughts. When you break down the FOIA process, it’s not quite as spooky as it might seem at first. Just look to Halloween traditions to help you handle your Freedom of Information requests: Go

Starting off the Fiscal Year with a Dose of Sunshine

With the start of the new fiscal year still in our shadow, it is a great time for all FOIA compliant agencies and offices to implement initiatives to increase transparency and open government. It is important to remember that the purpose of the FOIA is to provide the

Traci Hughes on Government Transparency

This year AINS had the honor of hosting Ms. Traci Hughes as keynote speaker for the FOIAXpress Users Group Conference. Ms. Hughes is the inaugural director of D.C’s Office of Open Government. In her role as the Director of the OOG, Hughes acts as FOIA compliance office for the District’s

The Obama Administration revisits Open Government and Transparency

  In 2009, the Obama administration entered the White House and called for a more open and transparent government. They sought sweeping initiatives that planned to make information more easily accessible and set goals for streamlining the FOIA process. However, in the quest for a more open and transparent