Making the Case for Mobile Case Management

The holiday season usually comes with a lot of traveling, but work doesn’t always take a break just because you are away from your desk. Most people have all the essentials on their smartphones including calendars, email, and other basics of business. When you are in charge of

Not Just Keeping Up, Technology Shaping Transparency

  The world is becoming ever more tech-savvy, and FOIA requestors have come to expect more from their government. We rely on computers for everything from checking job postings to ordering take out. The public has come to expect data at their fingertips thanks to services like Netflix, online

The FOIA and Technology Part Three: Modern FOIA Technologies

  Over the past decade, technology has reshaped the FOIA industry, affecting everything from the format of documents to the means by which those documents are reviewed and where documents are stored. Adapting processes to utilize technological advancements has enabled FOIA compliant agencies and offices to decrease response times and increase