A War on Exemption Five on the Horizon?

  With this year’s annual Sunshine Week events behind us, it is time to reflect on what were the major themes and trends from the open government community. Last year’s major trends were mostly evolved around the utilization of technology and specifically, the emergence of the FOIA portal. This

Digging deeper into HR 1211

The language in HR 1211, Section C calls for OMB to establish and fund a three year pilot of FOIAonline. HR 1211, which has already been voted out of committee, essentially gives the EPA a blank check to continue to develop their FOIAonline Portal and FOIA Case Processing solution under

One size does NOT fit all for federal FOIA processing

When one takes a look at the Federal Freedom of Information Act, (link) it is abundantly clear that the authors of the legislation understood that, when it comes to FOIA, “one size does not fit all”. This becomes especially clear when examining the Act with regards to the instructions for each agency to