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What Clinton’s Private Email Means for FOIA

Earlier this week it came to light that Hillary Clinton had been using private email to conduct official Secretary of State business. Clinton reportedly set up a private email account before becoming Secretary of State to use for State Department affairs. The type of account used by Clinton allows users

White House Appoints First-Ever Chief Data Scientist

  The White House announced the appointment of the first U.S. Chief Data Scientist on Wednesday. The new position will be held by Dr. DJ Patil, an experienced data scientist and engineer. Patil worked to create Silicon Valley’s first data science team at the social media company LinkedIn. Patil

Cloud Security Basics

In the post-Snowden, post-leaked celebrity photo world of today, it can be hard to place 100% faith in cloud storage. According to a recent ResearchNow survey, 82% of companies said privacy laws are a top concern when choosing where and how to store data. Despite the security concerns,

Keeping Track of it All with Cloud Services Brokerages

  You’ve heard of hiring a broker for your stocks, your mortgage, and your investments. Did you also know there are brokerages that will help you manage your business’ cloud services? Many organizations find they are making use of multiple cloud services for everything from data storage to productivity tracking. 

The “Snowden Effect” on National Security FOIA

Ever since the Edward Snowden document leaks in June 2013, the National Security Administration (NSA) has been flooded by open records requests, an 888% increase from the past fiscal year. Edward Snowden leaked classified NSA documents to media outlets“This was the largest spike we’ve ever had,” said Pamela