DISA Approves AINS for Provisional Authorization

The Department of Defense listed AINS among its selection of cloud service offerings granted a DoD PA to host DoD mission data up to Impact Level 2 in a cloud environment. AINS’ has been listed among cloud service offerings granted Department of Defense Provisional Authorization (PA) as of

Cloud Security Basics

In the post-Snowden, post-leaked celebrity photo world of today, it can be hard to place 100% faith in cloud storage. According to a recent ResearchNow survey, 82% of companies said privacy laws are a top concern when choosing where and how to store data. Despite the security concerns,

eCase is Now FedRAMP PaaS Certified

We are proud to announce that our eCase case management platform is now a FedRAMP PaaS certified solution. eCase is a robust Platform as a Service for implementing multiple, coexisting adaptive case management SaaS solutions including eCase-Correspondence, eCase-HR, eCase-Audit and FOIAXpress (the industry leading purpose-built FOIA case processing software) within a single

Transparency in Maintaining Email Records

  Like most businesses, many government agencies and organizations do a lot of their communication through email correspondence. As agencies are steering away from stacks of paper and toward digital file systems there is still some work to be done on the policies that affect these documents. That brings

Not Just Keeping Up, Technology Shaping Transparency

  The world is becoming ever more tech-savvy, and FOIA requestors have come to expect more from their government. We rely on computers for everything from checking job postings to ordering take out. The public has come to expect data at their fingertips thanks to services like Netflix, online

Keeping Track of it All with Cloud Services Brokerages

  You’ve heard of hiring a broker for your stocks, your mortgage, and your investments. Did you also know there are brokerages that will help you manage your business’ cloud services? Many organizations find they are making use of multiple cloud services for everything from data storage to productivity tracking. 

The FOIA and Technology Part Three: Modern FOIA Technologies

  Over the past decade, technology has reshaped the FOIA industry, affecting everything from the format of documents to the means by which those documents are reviewed and where documents are stored. Adapting processes to utilize technological advancements has enabled FOIA compliant agencies and offices to decrease response times and increase