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eCase Contracts Information Guide

By: The AINS Team Overview Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs), and their teams have several federal requirements to ensure contracts meet commitments, provide timely deliverables, and remain properly maintained under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Having a single unified system centralizes access to contract files, including situations where field decisions require quick

All Hands on Deck to Dig Through ATIP Backlog

The federal government of Canada is using students and temp workers to help overwhelmed ATIP offices dig through surges in Access to Information requests. Canada ATIP offices have experienced a 28% increase in ATIP requests from 2012 to 2013 – up to a total of 55,145 requests in

International Right to Know Day AMA Engages Users Worldwide

“[It] is ultimately up to you to keep your government accountable. Activists and watchdogs can help, but ultimately the best and only thing to keep governments in line, at least in democracies, is popular will.” -Centre for Law and Democracy That is the take away from the International Right to Know

Right to Know Week Celebrates FOIA Activists

Next week marks the start of Right to Know Week in many countries across the globe. The very first Right to Know Day was held in 2002 after a FOI coalition meeting in Bulgaria. Since then, Right to Know Day has served as a reminder of the importance

Western Canada Health Information Privacy Symposium

AINS is proud to announce our sponsorship of 2012 WCHIPS Conference in Calagary, Alberta. The inaugural Western Canada Health Information Privacy Symposium is designed for anyone governed by the health information privacy laws. The symposium enables delegates to learn about similar laws in western Canada and how individuals and organizations in the