Gartner Innovative Insight for BPM-Platform-Based Case Management Frameworks

As more industries consider treating some types of work as a case rather than a simple transaction, application leaders are evaluating alternative approaches for delivering solutions. Business process management (BPM)-platform-based CMFs are a market innovation that can provide the answer they are seeking. With design features like configuration, not coding,

Put AINS’ eCase Platform on your shortlist of providers when you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, adaptive case management solution.

Gartner’s Critical Capabilities analysis provides a detailed evaluation of case management solutions from 13 BPM-platform-based Case Management Framework (CMF) providers. Vendors are appraised against nine critical capabilities across four common use cases. eCase was given a product score of 3.0 out of 5 in all four uses cases, and a rating of ‘Excellent’ for

Case Management vs. BPM

Why is case management different than BPM? While these two modes of business automation have a lot in common, there are some big differences that set them apart. When making the call for your business, focus on these main points: Knowing Your Kind of Process – Structured or Unstructured BPM solutions can

“Build It Yourself” at the Gartner BPM Summit

  AINS is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2014 held in Las Vegas’ famous Caesars Palace. The event will run from December 10-12 and feature dozens of Gartner Analysts, keynote speakers and attendees from a wide range of industries and agencies. We

FOIA and Case Management

In the modern era of the FOIA and Open Government, one of the most common discussion topics is the utilization of portals. Most recently, there has been and continues to be a large push for a single government wide portal that would be the epicenter for FOIA submissions.