Accelerate the Review and Redaction of Sensitive Information

Protecting privileged, confidential, and/or personal information is a challenge for many organizations.  With ever-growing volumes of data and tighter regulations on privacy protection, manual identification and redaction of sensitive information during document review can be both costly and time-consuming.  The potential for missed redactions is high, exposing your organization to unnecessary risks.

Whether you are processing documents in response to litigation discovery demands, FOIA or Privacy Act requests, or any other requests for potentially sensitive information, RedactXpress® has you covered. Available as a stand-alone application or integrated within eCase Offering state-of-the-art review and redaction capabilities, RedactXpress automates the review and redaction of sensitive information from electronic documents.

All of the features you need—in one, complete solution

  • Highly configurable polygon and rectangle redaction tools with the ability to redact pages in full
  • “Find-and-Redact” redaction capability to automatically redact patterns, words, and phrases
  • Multiple redaction layers to capture the entire review process
  • Insertion of exemption codes directly into the redacted area
  • Built-in collaboration tools such as comment boxes, sticky notes, highlighters, ellipses, predefined and custom stamps, and strike-through lines for annotating and editing documents
  • Support for virtually all document types (including .doc, .xls, .rtf, .ppt, pdf, .wpd, .vsd)
  • A variety of export formats and settings, including 508-compliant .pdfs,  Bates stamps, headers, footers, watermarks, and annotations. Available as a stand-alone application or fully integrated into eCase applications such as FOIAXPress and ATIPXpress
  • Simple generation of Vaughn indices and privilege logs (when integrated with other eCase applications)

Completely remove redacted content—don’t just hide it


Unlike solutions that merely hide redacted information under black bars, RedactXpress completely and securely removes information selected for redaction. Using pixel-to-pixel replacement, RedactXpress parses the document, physically deletes the selected information, and generates an entirely new “clean redacted” document — ready for distribution.

Secured Redaction with RedactXpress

RedactXpress removes original text with pixel-to-pixel replacement, ensuring that the redacted content is permanently removed.

Unsecured Redaction

Unsecured redaction by other products simply hide the original text with a black bar. The “hidden” data is still available to be recovered.

No more black markers! Handle large documents with ease

Automation is critical when dealing with large, complex documents.  RedactXpress’ unique ‘Find & Redact’ capabilities use advanced algorithms and text search technology to automatically find, highlight, and redact targets based on pre-defined or user-defined redaction criteria.  No more sifting through page-by-page; let the solution find common words, phrases, and patterns for you.

RedactXpress is quick, user-friendly, and fully automated—no more blackout markers! RedactXpress is the perfect tool for redaction professionals in government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, health care providers, law firms, and corporate human resources departments because it saves time and labor, while ensuring complete redaction security.

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