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Designed Specifically for State and Local Organizations

FOIAXpress® State & Local, from the number one public records request software provider in the United States, powers collaborative, case-based processing of privacy and open records requests. Through digital automation, FOIAXpress State & Local manages the complete public records process, from request receipt through the Public Access Link (PAL) requester portal to document request, review, redaction, and delivery.

Scalable to Any State or Municipality

Our solution is designed to support growth, scalable from fewer than 5 licenses to more than 2,000 to meet user capacity needs today and beyond.

Reduces Delays and Backlogs

Deadline management, advanced find-and-redact tools, and an electronic reading room are just some of the ways that FOIAXpress State & Local helps agencies get ahead of backlog.

Lowers Public Records Request Costs

Automate, track, and report on the full privacy request lifecycle — saving time and resources.                                                                                    .

Proven Expertise in the Public Sector

Over 350 government customers currently use our COTS public records request solutions to process nearly 400,000 requests each year.

Improves Response Time

Integrated collaboration tools and the Public Access Link (PAL) portal speeds the delivery of information and delivers efficient processes.

Full Compliance with State and Local Requirements

FOIAXpress State & Local meets FedRAMP software-as-a-service (SaaS) compliance, ensuring the highest cloud security, reliability, and availability.

First-Rate Features to Support Your Mission

Built on the eCase adaptive case management platform, FOIAXpress State & Local offers government agencies a single, unified application for managing the entire lifecycle of open records requests and appeals — from initial inquiry to delivery of documents through archiving and deletion according to agency retention rules.

Electronic Templates

Take advantage of template and customizable digital forms, letters, email correspondence, standard or ad hoc reports, and common documents


Easily employ preconfigured and ad hoc reports

Document Management

View, store, edit, redact, share, and print documents related to a case from within the case itself

Role-based Permissions

Give users access to only the information they need to see

Records Management

Archive privacy requests according to organization rules

Dynamic Workflows

Automate case progression from inquiry to appeal without losing critical flexibility with adaptive workflows

Integrated Redaction

Redact sensitive materials for production without leaving the system with smart pixel-to-pixel replacement technology as well as standard or ad hoc exemption codes

Quick Search

Sort through active and archived requests, appeals, and documents with a quick and advanced integrated search engine

Real-Time Dashboards & Analytics

Compare metrics, gain actionable insights, and improve your efficiency through interactive, role-based dashboards and analytic tools

Collaboration Tools

Collaborate across teams with shared files, journals, and chat features

Complete Lifecycle Public Information Request Management

FOIAXpress State and Local provides enterprises with a complete system for full lifecycle support of privacy requests and appeals which can be hosted by AINS in its FedRAMP-certified hosting facility.

Additional Services

As the acknowledged leader in privacy request software, AINS is committed to providing best-in-class technology, along with value-add support services, to help our clients respond to the growing demand for access. FOIAXpress State & Local offers a number of added features that are designed to enhance productivity and improve the overall citizen experience.


FOIAXpress Electronic Document Review allows users to automatically de-duplicate emails and responsive documents while creating an extensive audit log.   


RedactXpress is a stand-alone redaction and declassification software tool used to permanently and securely remove sensitive information from electronic documents.


ScanXpress is a professional scanning application for converting large batches of paper documents into electronic documents.

Request Processing Services

AINS provides experienced and uniquely skilled open government professionals to state and local government customers to improve program productivity.

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