Streamline Your OIG Audit Processes to Drive Greater Productivity

Today’s leading organizations demand transparency and accountability at all levels of the enterprise.  How do you ensure your audit teams are able to stay ahead?

eCase Audit allows you to efficiently manage every aspect of the Inspector General audit lifecycle. From annual planning, to detailed risk assessment and controls testing, to action tracking and management reporting, this powerful yet easy-to-use solution, built on the eCase Platform, streamlines your OIG audit processes and helps you drive greater productivity.

Risk-based OIG Audit Planning & Scoping

Standardize planning procedures and capture critical information for execution. Prioritize audit work based on risk exposure, business objectives, resources, and organizational requests.

Work Paper Management

Centralize key documents and store objectives, tests, criteria, samples, observations, and evidence. Link fieldwork, controls, and risks to audit papers. Configurable e-filing structure for easy management and referencing.

Configurable Workflows

Highly configurable workflows and business rules match your existing processes and allow you to evolve over time. Automate workflows for approvals and reviews, trigger tasks, status updates, and notifications to improve staff focus and efficiency.

OIG Audit Management Toolkit

Standard and custom checklists help keep audit processes on track.  Set automated email notifications, alerts, and reminders to help organize key audit dates, control reviews, and any outstanding issues or findings.

Team-based Collaboration

Built-in collaboration allows for simultaneous auditor access of files, cases, and workpapers. Cloud-based platform offers real-time document collaboration, chat rooms, virtual workspaces, and team-based access controls for greater efficiencies.

Time Tracking

Integrated scheduling, tracking, and reporting of time taken to complete audit steps and projects.

Issue Tracking & Resolution Management

Automated follow-up for findings and recommendations, including ownership, tasking, deadlines, and closure criteria.

Role-based Access and Views

Role-based access control and personalized views ensure users only gain access to what they need and how they want to see it, and nothing more.

Reports, Dashboards & KPIs

Create compelling reports and dashboards to communicate priorities, track KPIs, and analyze results. Standard and ad hoc reporting features deliver real-time insight when you need it. 

eCase Audit is feature rich, offering a complete solution for risk-based auditing

Start with a Plan: OIG Audit Planning

Ensure timely, prioritized, and effective audits with a risk-based approach to audit planning and tools to easily identify, define, and assess the risk of your programs.

Drive Efficient Execution: OIG Audit Management

Drive more efficient audit engagements by leveraging standardized checklists, centralized work papers, and actionable reporting on audit results. Collaborate across teams and track resources to ensure engagements are timely and properly staffed.

Substantiate Your Work: Automated Work Papers

Substantiate your audit findings and recommendations using automated work paper tracking of scope, methodology, results, and conclusions. Drive efficiency with automated approvals and review notes. Apply your work papers to findings and audit reports using automated document hyperlinking.

Ensure Ongoing Compliance: OIG Audit Resolution Tracking

Manage audit findings and associated compliance recommendations.  Track corrective actions and resolution steps to ensure ongoing compliance.  Centralize management decisions and provide real-time status reports and final action certifications.

eCase Audit offers unmatched configurability over traditional Inspector General auditing applications.

Empower business users to take control of the system to perfectly match your organization’s existing audit processes.  Easily configure workflows, reports and dashboards, field names, checklists, page layouts, and other best practices.  See for yourself!


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The eCase Audit Difference

Ensure Compliance.  Reduce Risks.

One Solution to Automate and Optimize Audit Processes

Enables systematic and workflow-driven audit processes across one integrated system with standardized data collection to eliminate audit errors and inconsistencies.

Dependable and Flexible

Cloud-based apps that are built-for-change, designed to work the way you do business – delivered on a powerful platform that’s scalable, highly configurable, adaptable, and secure.

Agile and Fast Time to Value

An enterprise-grade COTS software product that can be deployed quickly either in the AINS FedRAMP Cloud or on-premises at your desired facility.