Maintain Continuity of Operations in (and out of) the Workplace

eCase Telework is the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) telework solution that enables remote work with digital forms, portals, and tracking of required paperwork. Powered by the eCase Platform, eCase Telework can be configured to satisfy any telework policy, providing peace of mind to employers and their employees in and out of the workplace.

Why Implement a Telework Solution?

Streamlined Operations

When a company or agency implements a telework policy, they open up a realm of new possibilities for operations to be impaired. Telework comes with new procedures, new requirements, and takes time to enforce such procedures and requirements. By implementing a fully-functional and secure COTS software solution, employers can ensure that telework operations run smoothly from the get-go.

Decreased Liability

Without clear telework policies and procedures, an employer runs the risk of liability for a number of events which may occur outside of the typical workplace. If an employee with mobile access to company resources is injured while performing extracurricular activities, is the company then liable for workers’ compensation? eCase Telework helps to enforce policy and protect employers from liability.

Verified Security

A secure telework solution provides critical defense against confidentiality leaks, IP theft, and private information data breaches. eCase Telework empowers employees to safeguard confidential and proprietary information, both in transit (physical transfer of documents and hardware and remote connections to IT systems, wifi, phones, etc.), and at rest (local computers, phones, passwords).

Ensured Readiness

A clear telework policy ensures that a company or agency expressly state their business continuity requirements and identify critical gaps. If a company does not analyze their contingency readiness, then they may encounter problems they are unequipped to handle but could have prepared for. eCase Telework helps employers prepare for such problems through configurable forms and enterprise reports.

Easy and Rapid Deployment

In times of emergency, agencies and companies look for solutions that can be quickly implemented. eCase Telework is a COTS solution that can be deployed software-as-a-service (SaaS) through our secure FedRAMP-certified data center, Amazon Web Services, Azure, or on-premises.

Various possibilities exist for purchasing. Email for a full list of vehicles in federal, state/provincial, local, and commercial markets.

Powered by the eCase Platform

eCase Telework boasts a number of robust and intuitive out-of-the-box features for business users.

The Complete HR Solution

eCase Telework integrates with the eCase Employee Portal as part of the complete HR solution. The eCase HR application suite provides a single, unified experience to managing the employee lifecycle, enabling organizations to better align, engage and empower their workforce.


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