Streamline Performance Management

eCase Performance Management is an automated end-to-end solution that streamlines the performance management process on one centralized platform. eCase Performance Management is results-oriented software that translates goals to outcomes while promoting accountability and engagement. Designed to fit into the HR Suite of Applications, the COTS application contributes to a whole, complete HR solution.

Empower Your Organization

Motivate Employees

Keep employees results-oriented with meaningful goals, continuous feedback and clear communication.

Ensure Compliance

Streamlined processes and detailed data capture ensure compliance with organizational rules and regulations.

Improve Accuracy

Integrations with core HR and agency systems keeps data accurate across the enterprise.

Organizational Health

Reports and dashboards extract data to quickly assess performance of individuals, departments or the agency as a whole.

On-Time Performance

Automation, calendaring and notifications keep evaluations on track.

A One-Stop Shop Experience

Say goodbye to fragmented HR processes. Within the eCase HR application suite, eCase Performance Management contributes to a complete HR solution.

Enable Essential Functions

Automate the performance management process with digital forms, the Employee Portal, and automated workflows.
Encourage self-service with public facing portals and a library of government performance appraisals.
Adapt to multiple rating systems using one application.
Enable yearlong access to set goals, measure and appraise.
Capture performance ratings and payout data; connect with core HR and agency systems.
Get insight with dashboards and reporting.
eCase Performance Management can be quickly configured to meet any organization’s needs from mirroring processes with dynamic workflows to matching branding. Features of the application include:
Performance Appraisal
Goals Setting
Complete Review
Job Descriptions
Skills Assessment
Performance Reporting

The Complete HR Solution

eCase Performance Management integrates with the eCase Employee Portal as part of the complete HR solution. The eCase HR application suite provides a single, unified experience to managing the employee lifecycle, enabling organizations to better align, engage and empower their workforce.


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