Data Reporting

AINS’ team of experienced engineers will work closely with your organization to determine what mix of reporting approaches will best fit your needs.  Our engineers are highly experienced in data reporting and industry leading tools, such as Business Objects Enterprise, Crystal Reports, and JackBe Presto.

Custom Reports

Our experienced engineers will develop and deliver custom reports as needed for your organization’s applications. Working within your organization’s constraints, our team will quickly develop eye-catching reports for management and oversight reporting.

Ad Hoc Reporting

AINS understands that the demand for ad hoc reporting is ever increasing within most organizations. As a result, our engineers are prepared to support your ad hoc needs. AINS has also developed ReportXpress, an easy-to-install and highly configurable tool which will allow your users to generate complex ad hoc reports against single and multiple data sources.

Enterprise Mashups

AINS has a close partnership with JackBe, a leader in enterprise mashup tools, and is an authorized reseller of this product. Our engineers will install the product for your organization and provide administration as well as development to ensure your organization gets the most from this powerful enterprise mashup tool.