Data Migration

As technology advances, it often becomes necessary to move data from an old storage type, format, or system to a new one. AINS follows a proven data migration process based on many years of experience and a broad range of data types. At project initiation, we assess in detail the issues of application code, data flow, modeling, quality, ambiguity, and redundancy, and then plan and execute data migration from the legacy system to the newly installed database solution using the process stages below:

  • Plan conversion
  • Create conversion specifications
  • Create scripts
  • Extract data to intermediate schemas
  • Verify data
  • Condition and transform data
  • Clean and integrate data
  • Aggregate load data
  • Move, load, and index data

Our strategy is to produce several options, which enables different activities to occur simultaneously—ensuring the migration timeline is as short as possible. We determine the best route to migrate source data to the target database by considering available resources, source data volume, numbers of different source schemas, numbers and types of different access methods and platforms, data and database structure, and the amount of data aggregation required.

Next, we develop a strategy for moving data to a common staging area and take into account available machine resources and volume of source data. We then submit a draft migration plan for client review and comment within an agreed time after contract award. We incorporate the client’s comments and submit a final data migration plan. Following the approved plan, we populate the database and complete the file structure, accompanied by a complete set of the data migration instructions and scripts.

A Record of Success

The AINS team has performed data migration for many large and small customers and our list of successful data migrations continues to grow. AINS has converted numerous projects ranging from a few megabytes of data to multiple gigabytes of mainframe data from disparate sources into a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) database. Because complete and accurate data conversion and migration are critical to the new system, AINS applies our detailed and proven process at every stage.