Thank You for a Successful 14th Annual User Conference!

Click here to view the schedule and presentations from this year’s conference. Click here to view the photo gallery.

On behalf of the entire AINS team, thank you to everyone who attended the 14th Annual FOIAXpress and the 2nd Annual eCase User Conference & Technology Summit!

Celebrate Excellence in FOIA with AINS!

Wayne R. Jewell was a respected AINS Vice President who truly cared for each and every member of his internal team and AINS customers. His work and attitude truly embodied the statement “the customer is always right,” and lives on through our team today and in this award.

In honor of the legacy of Wayne R. Jewell’s professional commitment to the AINS customer experience, the annual Wayne R. Jewell Award recognizes outstanding achievement in the field among those he so genuinely appreciated.

Congratulations to this year’s winner, VA FOIA Director Michael Sarich. Upon receiving the award, Sarich thanked his staff, saying, “I couldn’t have done this without my team.”

Could the next winner be you? Attend next year’s conference to find out!