eCase Investigations: For Inspector Generals

“When your business is to protect the people, you need a case management system that can handle the full lifecylce on investigations.  eCase Investigations automates, tracks, and reports on the complete IG investigations process, improving efficiency, providing real-time  transparency, and speeding report generation.”

eCase Investigations

eCase Investigations empowers agencies to gain control over the investigation process from hotline to case closed. eCase Investigations speeds the process, ensures compliance and lowers cost.

eCase HR

From Hire to Retire, eCase HR provides the framework to automate your non-core HR processes.  eCase makes traditionally paper-heavy proceses easy with pre-designed forms, user portals, integration with core systems, dashboards and tracking.

eCase Correspondence

Automate official communications with  eCase correspondence. This adaptive framework makes responding to incidents or inquiries a seamless process with templates, form letters and tracking tools.

eCase Audit

The eCase Audit Solution spans the complete audit lifecycle; from audit planning, audit performance and audit follow-up to recommendation tracking and reporting.

Converting to the Cloud with eCase

FedRAMP certified, cloud-based hosting capabilities for eCase clients.  State-of-the-art protection with integrated services keep your systems secure and performing at their best.

Case Study: Veteran’s Affairs

Case Study: Veteran’s Affairs In selecting FOIAXpress, the VA was able to reduce backlog, technical inefficiencies, and provide cradle-to-grave services for the agency’s FOIA request processing. The agency, and its network of offices, had a growing need for technical and administrative assistance for a FOIA request processing solution to reduce high

Case Study: U.S. Army Medical Command

Case Study: U.S. Army Medical Command AINS replaced the Army FACTS system with FOIAXpress. Implementing this new solution allowed Army MEDCOM to consolidate data from 51 separate offices into one automated system. Cases requiring extensive review and redaction were processed in less than 1/3 of the time using FOIAXpress!  

Case Study: EEOC

Case Study: EEOC By deploying FOIAXpress and the PAL Web Portal, the EEOC replaced its in-house system while improving transparency and accountability across its agencies. The EEOC now has the ability to run all of its FOIA processing operations within the agency including training, workflow, and access control management.