Why Your Organization Needs HR Management Software

Andrew Rayo
February 1, 2019
Human Resources (HR) is a necessary and vital part of every organization, and effective HR management is key to each organization’s success. As such, HR departments need tools that can help them...

FOIA Request Topics and Trends for 2019

Andrew Rayo
January 11, 2019
Now that we’ve entered the new year, it’s a good time for government agencies to anticipate the types of FOIA requests they might receive throughout 2019 as well as the trends that may arise from...

Machine Learning and FOIA Requests

Andrew Rayo
December 17, 2018
In October of 2018, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (D.C.) ruled in favor of government agencies making a “good faith effort” when responding to FOIA requesters, beyond meeti...
AINS Social Media

Stay Connected with AINS on Social Media

Andrew Rayo
April 12, 2018
At AINS, we are committed to engaging with and learning from the community. We believe that social media can empower people to share and communicate with each other to create insightful discourse...
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