Surviving the FOIA Surge

Sarah Jablon
April 19, 2019
Imagine – it’s the end of the fiscal year. Your agency has just finished sorting through its FOIA backlogs and you’re on track to finish the year ahead. Then, the U.S. president mentions your age...

May 10 Deadline Approaches for FOIA Portal Plans

April 10, 2019
The deadline for agencies to submit interoperability plans with the FOIA Portal is almost here! By May 10, 2019, all government agencies must submit plans to the Department of Justice to show how...
Stevie Awards Caroline and Pam

AINS Team Members Win Bronze at Stevie Awards

April 5, 2019
AINS is proud to announce our 13th Annual Stevie® Awards Winners, Pamela Ackley and Caroline Ige. Ackley, Director of Support Services, and Ige, FOIAXpress Trainer, both received Bronze in the ca...

What’s FOIA got to do with the Mueller Report?

Sarah Jablon
March 29, 2019
If, like us, you’re up-to-date on current events, you’ll know the flurry that has surrounded the U.S. Department of Justice in recent days. In the wake of Special Counsel Robert Mueller handing o...

Why Your Organization Needs HR Management Software

Andrew Rayo
February 1, 2019
Human Resources (HR) is a necessary and vital part of every organization, and effective HR management is key to each organization’s success. As such, HR departments need tools that can help them...
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