AINS in the News

October 25, 2016
For the second consecutive year, AINS has been recognized as one of the top 20 Promising BPM Providers by CIO Review.Dave Hagen, AINS CMO, provides insight on how AINS case management products are adapting to new ways of working.
October 25, 2016
AINS is recognized as one of the top 20 Most Promising BPM Technology Solution Providers in 2015. AINS CEO, Moe Goswami, shares his insight on the BPM sectgor and how eCase is a differentiator from other traditional BPM solutions.
February 24, 2016
AINS and recently joined forces to create a whitepaper and on-demand webcast on Leveraging a Case Management Platform for Agile Application Development. is a thought leader in the world of BPM and case management...
December 9, 2014
As part of the ‘Build it Yourself’ campaign, AINS invites all Gartner BPM Summit attendees to schedule appointments with the eCase design team to learn how to configure applications that automate their unique business proc...