Accelerate Document Review

Advanced Document Review (ADR) enables agencies to speed the FOIA document review process. It uses the latest in technology to search, sort, and identify responsive content in large volumes of emails, attachments, and files.

Integrating directly with FOIAXpress and ATIPXpress, ADR enables users to quickly filter, deduplicate, rank, and sort documents then export the results for redaction and processing.

FOIAXpress ADR Features

Email Deduplication

Consolidate email threads and attachments to speed up review.

Content Analytics

Automatically rank, categorize, and identify relevant content by concept for easy review.

Role-Based Permissions

Assign cases to select users; give or limit access to features or secure content by role.

Advanced Search

Keyword search quickly uncovers responsive terms in large document sets.

Audit Logs

Automatically create audit logs to ensure compliance and support legal actions.

Document Comparison

Perform side-by-side document review to certify accuracy.

ADR uses the latest in eDiscovery technology to 

search, sort, and identify responsive content in FOIAXpress.

Beyond email or PDFs, ADR can process file types in a

number of common file extensions. Click below for the full list:

Supported File Types and Extensions

Benefits of FOIAXpress ADR

Speed Processing

Reduce discovery time by up to 70% with automated review.

Mitigate Risk

Electronic capture reduces the risk of errors, missed redaction, and inaccuracies.

Promote Transparency

Document all actions in concise audit logs to support transparency.

Optimize Resources

Utilize technology to improve performance and reduce the burden on staff.

Enhanced Reporting

Run standard, custom, and ad hoc reports on demand or in pre-scheduled increments.

Integrity Briefings Management

Plan, conduct, and document internal and external briefings.

Improve the Document Review Process

The features of the ADR Module will translate into a smoother, more efficient FOIA request fulfillment process. FOIAXpress ADR makes it easier to deduplicate your documents and emails, track your request progress, and retain your messages and attachments for future reference. Enhance visibility, speed processes, and increase productivity with FOIAXpress ADR today.