The Key to Successful Product Management

Product Management

Earlier this month, AINS Director of Products, Will Fitzgerald, made an appearance on the product management and agile development channel, Product Bytes, to discuss his role in developing and managing our governance, risk, and compliance solutions, eCase Audit and eCase Investigations. In the video, Fitzgerald explains how he applied several key aspects of his training and learned best practices to manage the successful growth of eCase Audit and eCase Investigations.

According to Fitzgerald, the goal of successful product management involves “understanding how to innovate and keep [the] products competitive in the marketplace.” In order to do so, managers must balance leading the sprint and agile ceremonies with communicating the needs of the market to different departments within the company, as the single point-person for the product. Another major component to the success of the product involves being able to communicate the “development capacity” and scope of the product development process to the customer. If customers are educated about the process, Fitzgerald notes, they will become “interactive team members” who participate in the agile process. This sense of ownership should also extend to all players within the product development team.

Fitzgerald points to several opportunities in which a manager can facilitate a sense of ownership within the product teams. These include opportunities to “educate the teams internally” and “check in with those teams on progress.” Regular meetings, such as “lunch and learns,” to discuss roles and assignments ultimately help all product teams to “elevate their capabilities.” When all members of the product team are educated on the market and understand their role, they are then able to proactively developing new resources for the long-term success of the product.

Product Bytes features short conversations on key areas of product innovation and agile development. Watch the full conversation below.