Solving Canada’s Access and Privacy Challenges

canada privacy

Last week, top access and privacy professionals from the Canadian federal government came together at the seventh annual Canadian Access and Privacy Association (CAPA) conference in Ottawa. The full-day conference hosted a number of renowned journalists, professors, and other key speakers who presented on topics relating to open government laws and best practices, including a panel discussion on “Journalists and Access to Information”.

Pam Ackley, AINS Vice President of Product Support Services, attended the conference to meet with stakeholders from Canadian federal agencies, including Shared Services Canada as well as Elections Canada. Representatives of Elections Canada were thrilled to see ATIPXpress at the event for the seventh year in a row. They praised the application for its ease of use and industry-leading ATIP processing features.

ATIPXpress is the Canadian counterpart to FOIAXpress, the number one Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request processing software in the U.S. federal government. Developed specifically for Canada’s Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) laws, ATIPXpress shares many of the same features that power FOIAXpress, including the Public Access Link (PAL) request portal, a secure redaction module with innovative pixel-to-pixel replacement, an Electronic Document Review (EDR) module for document de-duplication and email threading of high-volume data, and an AI assistant for pre-processing redactions. Workflows and business processes in ATIPXpress are configured to the laws and policies of Canada’s federal, provincial, and local government agencies and offices.

In Canada, the demand for robust information request processing software is on the rise. Customers at CAPA spoke specifically of the increased need for electronic document review functionality in their applications. Pam Ackley pointed to the proliferation of emails and the challenges of threading as a top reason for this change.

AINS is always working to expand the breadth of our FOIAXpress and ATIPXpress solutions. The EDR module, a critical component of our comprehensive ATIP request management solution, allows request processors to search, sort, and identify responsive content in large volumes of emails, attachments, and files. Within the past year, we have added several new features to EDR, including near-duplicate identification which classifies documents as duplicates based solely on content.

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