Highlights of the 2019 FOIAXpress | eCase User Conference

Last Wednesday, AINS hosted its 14th annual FOIAXpress and eCase User Conference and Technology Summit. The conference went off without a hitch, with over 300 attendees from agencies including DOJ, DOD, DOE, DoED, DHS, HUD, DOS, DOT, VA, the D.C. government, and more.

In the day-long event, AINS employees and guest speakers gave demonstrations on FOIAXpress, COTS eCase products, and recent government trends. Here were the highlights:

Keynote Speakers

AINS brought back FOIA expert Dick Huff and HR expert Stew Liff to discuss several industry changes and best practices in FOIA and HR.  Huff explained how to navigate foreseeable harm and changes in FOIA law, while Liff advocated for the implementation of Visual Performance Management and successful employee disciplinary techniques.

VA senior HR staff Liz Mumley, Jasmine Dixon, and Shadeah Capers were also joined by members of Tagence, a partner of AINS, to showcase the powerful application of eCase ER/LR at VA. Additionally, Bill Weinberg, former Acquisitions Director at ICE, joined the eCase Contracts team in a panel to discuss the president’s memorandum M-19-21 and how agencies are transitioning to electronic records by the 2022 deadline.

To view the schedule and presentations for these sessions and more, click here.

Wayne R. Jewell Award Winner

This year’s winner of the annual Wayne R. Jewell Award is Michael Sarich, Chief FOIA Director at VA. Sarich showed outstanding contributions to the success of FOIAXpress by providing valuable subject matter expertise, supporting the testing of new features, and working to ensure that VA used all the features and functionality of the product. As AINS Vice President of Product Support Services Pam Ackley said, “He has become an ambassador to the FOIA Community.”

Upon receiving the award, Sarich said: “I couldn’t have done this without my team. The award truly belongs to each of us, and I wish they were here to receive this with me.”

FOIAXpress Roadmap

AINS rolled out several new features in the latest version of FOIAXpress and eCase. FOIAXpress 10.5 will gain an AI redaction feature, the FOIAXpress AI Assistant. The AI tool will automatically find and flag sensitive information for redaction when a FOIA processor requests a document for review.

Additionally, along with FOIAXpress EDR, eCase will see its own version of electronic document review. The module will allow for the processing of high volume data and documentation in a short span of time, thanks to processes such as clustering and deduplication. EDR provides the framework for an eDiscovery application projected for development in the next few years.

To read more about these features and others included in the FOIAXpress roadmap, click here.

Thanks to all who attended the conference and contributed to the improvement of FOIAXpress and eCase over the years. To view the photo gallery from this year’s conference, click here. If you were unable to attend the conference and wish to receive training on FOIAXpress or any of our eCase products, visit this page or email us at info@ains.com.