How eCase is helping agencies meet their HR reform goals

In recent years, the White House has ramped up legislation targeting streamlined personnel management in federal government agencies. In our last article, we examined how Executive Order 13839 promotes robust personnel management systems that champion accountability, transparency, and organization. The order came after Memo M-17-22 guided agencies to maximize employee performance and submit a plan for agency reform.

But how does eCase’s HR suite of applications, such as Employee and Labor Relations (ER/LR) and Performance Management, help agencies to meet their HR reform goals?

1. Organization

Say goodbye to HR processes in a million places. With eCase, all HR applications, including ER/LR, Performance Management, Worker’s Compensation and Reasonable Accommodations, come ready-made on the eCase Platform. But unlike other BPM or CRM systems, all aspects of the eCase Platform are case-centric and built for configuration by non-technical resources.

Through configuration, eCase solutions evolve with agency demands, so all your HR processes can stay central to one, unified platform for years to come. Standardize your agency’s HR processes, mandating requirements across diverse offices with ease while maintaining the flexibility to configure tailored processes for each office, user group, and user role.

2. Transparency

Integral to eCase applications are their dashboard features, where intuitive design meets ease of access and expansive overview. With eCase HR applications, users can instantly view the status of all HR cases and collaborate securely with employees to identify bottlenecks before they become risks. Additionally, eCase’s ease of reporting allows users to extract data to quickly assess performance of individuals, departments or the agency as a whole, all at the click of a button.

3. Accountability

All eCase HR applications are employee-centric. Processes revolve around the employee portal where users become results-oriented with meaningful goals, continuous feedback and clear communication. On Time Performance Automation, calendaring and notifications keep evaluations on track, while integrations with core HR and agency systems keeps data accurate across the enterprise, in real-time.

BONUS: Security

eCase applications are COTS products built in full compliance with employee and labor laws. We deploy our applications on-premises or SaaS hosted in our FedRAMP certified data center and Top Secret cleared facility.

AINS is the only provider able to offer a true end-to-end HR solution that is FedRAMP-certified and capable of unifying your entire agency on a single platform at the lowest possible cost. Are you ready to upgrade your agency’s HR processes? Request a demo here.