The Benefits of Combining Your OIG Audit and Investigations Processes

Your organization has been operating its OIG audit and investigations processes separately, but did you know that you can combine these processes using the eCase Platform?

Not only does manually sharing data across each of your systems require additional time and effort to accomplish, but it can also be a major security risk. With eCase, your OIG audit and investigations solutions can be integrated on one unified platform to improve productivity and most importantly, ensure your data is stored and managed securely.

eCase is the most efficient, transparent, and secure way to complete OIG audits and investigations. By working on a unified platform, auditors and investigators can communicate, collaborate, and share confidential information without leaving eCase. Permissions can also set to ensure that auditors and investigators only access the capabilities and data relevant to their role.

Combining processes with eCase greatly improves efficiency. Spin-off cases, for example, can be sent to the investigations division when an audit finding reveals criminal activity. In another instance, criminal investigations that expose systematic weaknesses can be communicated to the audit division for examination – which can eventually lead to recommendation for preventing waste or abuse in the future.

No matter the scenario, eCase allows you to easily share data between audit and investigation business units, providing you with the complete history of a case as it travels between OIG audit and investigation offices. With eCase, you have the power to generate enterprise reports combining audit and investigation data, as well as the ability to transfer data between OIG business units without ever leaving the security of the platform.

Improve security and efficiency by combining OIG Audit and Investigative processes on the eCase Platform today.