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At AINS, we are committed to engaging with and learning from the community. We believe that social media can empower people to share and communicate with each other to create insightful discourse and inspire different ways of thinking.

Twitter is perhaps the most direct way to not only relay breaking news, but to also start a conversation. @AINS_Inc is dedicated to providing the community with the latest updates concerning AINS and the case management industry as a whole. @eCasePlatform provides an in-depth look at the newest enhancements made to eCase’s various applications, as well as new breakthroughs, projects, and partnerships formed between AINS and other organizations through eCase. @FOIAXpress_AINS is focused on everything FOIA and open government related, including the newest milestones achieved by U.S. federal agencies in securing the public’s access to information.

We also keep an active presence on Facebook through our AINS and FOIAXpress pages. We use our AINS page as a space to share our newest blog posts, press releases, and case studies. This page also provides updates on miscellaneous changes and improvements made to our website, Our FOIAXpress page is yet another place to access current events surrounding FOIA and the open government.

Our LinkedIn page (AINS, Inc.) synthesizes much of the content we share on Twitter and Facebook and is the best way to learn more about individual members of our team, as well as new opportunities to work with us.

We are constantly working to expand our outreach and we hope that you will consider following us on any of these social media platforms. We’d love to hear from you.

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