AINS Customer Honored at the 2016 Coalition for Government Procurement Excellence in Partnership (EIP) Awards

Photo credit: Susan Hornyak Photography From left: Roger Waldron, President of the Coalition for Government Procurement; Mandana Massjouni, Director of Enterprise Applications and Innovation at EEOC; Bill Gormley, Chairman – The Coalition for Government Procurement

On November 16, 2016, AINS was honored to join its customer, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), at the Coalition for Government Procurement’s 2016 Excellence in Partnership (EIP) Award Dinner. Mandana Massjouni, Director of Enterprise Applications and Innovation at EEOC, was recognized as the winner of this year’s Government Savings Award.

The Coalition for Government Procurement presents the Government Savings Award to an individual for developing innovative solutions resulting in savings to the government and taxpayer through sound acquisition planning and development, and well-defined contracting requirements. AINS nominated Mandana based on her drive for developing cost-effective solutions and her uncompromising commitment to technical excellence.

As a Federal agency, EEOC is responsible for enforcing Federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or employee. In order to fulfill its mission, EEOC tracks, investigates and reports on discrimination charges submitted by the public.

Initially, AINS worked with EEOC to implement FOIAXpress, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case management solution. Mandana recognized the benefits of the case management platform, realizing that AINS’ solutions could assist EEOC’s streamlining efforts way beyond FOIA request processing.

Photo credit: Susan Hornyak Photography 2016 Excellence in Partnership Trophies

Working with AINS, Mandana led the initiative to develop an integrated, public portal to allow individuals to submit and track discrimination complaints, easily access information about their discrimination cases, and perform quick and efficient self-screenings for discrimination coverage. Her innovative approach to leverage existing IT investments already made by EEOC in an enterprise case management system allowed the agency to accelerate the delivery time of the public portal, while ultimately saving the government and taxpayers money.

Congratulations to Mandana and the entire EEOC team!  AINS is honored to recognize her for this achievement, and looks forward to continuing to develop solutions that support EEOC’s mission.