BPM.com and AINS Team for Webcast and Whitepaper

AINS and BPM.com recently joined forces to create a whitepaper and on-demand webcast on Leveraging a Case Management Platform for Agile Application Development.

BPM.com is a thought leader in the world of BPM and case management solutions. Their website

offers numerous thought-leadership content pieces including whitepapers, research reports, case studies, and blog posts by industry leaders. They also host an annual BPM and Case Management Summit which brings together experts in case management and end users.


BPM.com Webcast

BPM.com moderated a discussion surrounding the benefits of a case management platform with AINS customer URAC. URAC is a leading organization in the health care accreditation, education, and measurement realm. Their experience with AINS’ case management platform, eCase®, is used as a case study for the benefit of such solutions.

The case study webinar covers how URAC recognized the need for a case-based approach to address an increasing amount of varied and unstructured work, and (after a detailed market study) ultimately selected eCase. Working with an internal team, URAC has leveraged eCase to modernize their accreditation management operations and business processes in the face of a constantly changing and extremely dynamic industry. For those of you who missed the live webcast, you can watch the recorded video through the above header link.


BPM.com Whitepaper

BPM.com has published a whitepaper entitled Leveraging a Case Management Platform for Agile Application Development” which provides insight into the following:

  • Advantages of Adaptive Case Management over traditional Business Process Management (BPM) solutions
  • Emergence of low code, application development platforms and why they are an ideal fit for developing and managing case-centric business apps
  • Deep dive review of AINS’ eCase® Platform, with a focus on the value of an Enterprise Case Management System (ECMS) for customers like US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

You may read the full whitepaper through the header link above.