Case Management Could Bring Government Into Digital Age

President Obama issued and Executive order in 2011 urging government agencies to improve their customer service by joining the digital services age. Many commercial businesses know that if you can’t compete in efficiency and quality, you won’t last long. Thanks to this practice, the U.S. public has come to expect a certain standard of customer service. They expect self-service options available at the touch of a button (or click of a mouse). American adults are also increasingly using mobile devices like cell phones and tablets to interact with services. They expect the federal government to offer more mobile-friendly and self-service options.

The federal government has been making efforts to bring their customer service into the digital age. is probably one of the most prominent endeavors by the government to improve their customer-facing technology. With an ever more tech savvy public, government is going to have to up its technology game. Dynamic case management solutions like eCase are one way to help the federal government get up to speed. Automating processes can cut back on the time it takes to respond to customer inquiries and requests.

Adaptive case management solutions combine BPM and ECM capabilities to speed response times, improve records accuracy, and decrease overall spending. Case management software can help with processes ranging from human resources and correspondence to audit and investigations management.




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