Making the Case for Mobile Case Management

The holiday season usually comes with a lot of traveling, but work doesn’t always take a break just because you are away from your desk. Most people have all the essentials on their smartphones including calendars, email, and other basics of business. When you are in charge of managing your business’ workflow processes there is one more essential you need: your case management platform.

Most people in the business world already use their smartphones as a direct lifeline to all the important tools in their arsenal. It only makes sense to ensure that your case management automation is a part of that arsenal.


Human Resources on the Go

Human Resources management can include a lot of back and forth between the HR office and employees. Mobile access to all the forms needed for approvals, requests, and day-to-day HR upkeep can be a huge boon to employees and HR managers alike. The recruiting and hiring process can especially benefit in the realm of younger workers who may be more accustomed to mobile technology. Mobile technology can entice tech-savvy newcomers to join your company.

Mobile technology is also useful when it comes to internal HR uses. Say an employee is out of town for a training seminar. Completing necessary training records on-site can cut down processing time and keep employee records up to date with ease and efficiency.


FOIA Case Management

The GSA is working on improving the public-facing eFOIA model through mobile friendly intake forms. GSA’s 18F initiative is working on mobile apps that bring FOIA request technology directly to citizens’ hands. If the public is using mobile technology to the fullest, why shouldn’t the FOIA officers who deal with the process every day? Mobile applications for Freedom of Information processing would make for faster approvals thanks to round-the-clock access to cases.


Investigations and Audits

You can’t conduct an investigation completely in the office. Audits and fraud investigations take place in the field as well as in front of a computer. Being able to update cases on the go is a must-have for jobs that require a lot of travel time or field work. Time sensitive events can be reported in real time with just the touch of a button. That’s extra important for crisis situations.


In 2015, we have moved past the point where mobile technology is just “nice to have.” In a fast paced world, case management with mobile accessibility is a must have.




Courtney James is AINS’ Marketing & Graphic Design Associate. She has experience with social media, public relations, graphic design, event management, and many other marketing topics. Courtney loves to blog about topics dealing with technology in government, social media, and case management. She holds degrees in Communication and Art from the University of Maryland, College Park.