DC Government and Transparency in City Government

Government transparency is an important part of running a successful and ethical city. Citizens are more tech-savvy than ever and they are eager to know all they can about their local government. That means they are submitting more Freedom of Information/Privacy Act and other Information Requests than ever. Keeping up with these requests, searching and reviewing the requested records, and responding within required time limits has become a very labor-intensive task, but there is a COTS solution specifically designed to handle the incoming requests from citizens and efficiently manage the workflow from receipt to delivery.

The D.C. Government is the first city in the region to adopt the FOIAXpress application to assist with increasing efficiency, cutting costs, and decreasing response times. The District of Columbia has been getting plenty of praise for their increased efforts regarding government transparency. D.C.’s use of the FOIAXpress platform has been a defining piece of their transparency efforts. Take a look at some of the news articles that have been published about D.C. Government and FOIAXpress:

Traci L. Hughes, Director of D.C. Government’s Office of Open Government (OOG), is the guest speaker at our 9th annual FOIAXpress Users Group Conference. As the Director of the Office of Open Government, advisor for almost 60 D.C. agencies, and FOIA Officer for the District of Columbia, Ms. Hughes will share some interesting insights on transparency, FOIA, and local government. The OOG is dedicated to maintaining transparent government operation and promote public engagement.