Delaware Attorney General Announces “FOIA Roadshow”


Beau Biden, Attorney General for the State of Delaware, has announced plans to increase awareness of rights and responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Biden, who is committed to enforcing Delaware’s FOIA laws, will hold a “Freedom of Information Act Roadshow” for members of the public as well as government officials and employees.  The “Roadshow” will give presentations from a deputy attorney general who has Freedom of Information Act expertise.

According to the “FOIA Roadshow” is the latest addition to Biden’s Freedom of Information Act awareness and compliance efforts within the state of Delaware.  He previously launched a web portal in January to increase access to information regarding FOIA and supported legislation to allow citizens to petition the Attorney General’s Office regarding FOIA complaints.

“Upholding Delaware’s open government laws is one of the Attorney General’s Office’s most important duties,” Biden said. “We have worked over the past several years to give Delawareans more information about FOIA and to make it easier for members of the public to obtain the information the law says they should have. These FOIA Roadshow presentations will help elected officials, government employees and the public better understand their rights and responsibilities.”

Delaware is not the first State and local government to increase knowledge and accessibility to FOIA. DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray procured AINS FOIAXpress as the city’s first FOIA-processing system.  State and local governments are acknowledging the necessity for government’s transparency to the public.  Last year Arkansas’ Attorney General Office held “FOIA Roadshows” across the state.